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CanU 2020
Virtual Tour - Vancouver

Each year, the CanU host city offers a number of tours to give attendees an on-the-ground experience of the evolving urban environment.  This year, with the help of Vancouver videographer & CBC contributor, Uytae Lee, you have the chance to ‘walk’ Vancouver with four local hosts.

The Legacy Tours  


Larry Beasley

Downtown South

Scot Hein

Olympic Village




Alicia Medina

Mount Pleasant

Chris Cheung


The Legacy Tours

These tours showcase two of the communities that have been central to Vancouver’s reputation for livability. Downtown South and the Olympic Village are both master-planned communities that transformed industrial waterfront properties on False Creek. Both are the result of effective collaboration between the City and the design and development community. 

Downtown South 


Join Larry Beasley as he guides a walk through the Downtown South neighbourhood - the high density mixed use neighbourhood that took earlier successes of Vancouver’s innovative South False Creek community to a new level of urban living. A resident himself, Beasley offers both a professional and personal perspective of the many attributes and some of the missed opportunities in this now mature neighbourhood.