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October 27, 2022
5 to 7 pm


Event Location
and Format

Walking Tour Followed
by Social Event

Meet at 
Jasper Avenue
& 107 Street NW
North side of Jasper, on grass lawn next to Corona LRT entrance, cross-street from Audrey’s Bookstore

Walking tour
from 5 to 7 pm,
with social gathering after (location
to be confirmed)


Chris Hardwicke

(587) 892-8313

Edmonton Walking Tour :
Public Park as Catalyst for Edmonton's Rejuvenation


A walking tour and discussion of the planned Warehouse Park, and to-be redeveloped Beaver Hills House and Michael Phair Park will be led by project team members from the City of Edmonton and consulting design professionals. Following the walking tour, a social gathering will be held at a local nearby venue where attendees can connect, continue the conversation, and enjoy refreshments.


Following the vision set forth in strategic planning direction, the City of Edmonton has been aggressive in acquiring and redeveloping public parks within the downtown as a means to catalyze urban development, economic vibrancy, and a sense of place and joy within the city centre. The investment and foresight Edmonton has had in expropriating and purchasing new park space, as well as renewing existing parks, all to the highest standard of landscape design as possible, provides key insights to urban centres all across Canada who are, with few exceptions, struggling to provide adequate and high quality public spaces in the face of increasing urban intensification and sustained, increased demand for public parks following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Devin Huber
    General Supervisor of Design, Open Spaces Planning & Design, City of Edmonton

  • David Holdsworth
    Senior Planner & Urban Designer – Downtown, City of Edmonton

  • Ramsey Hajar
    Project Manager, Open Spaces Planning & Design, City of Edmonton

  • Lynnette Postuma
    Landscape Architect & Principal, O2

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