What are the essential steps Canadian cities must take to become more equitable, liveable and sustainable post-pandemic?


CanU 2020    Vancouver  


CanU take action? You are invited to be part of our STEP UP Series, a new model for inspiring cities to achieve resilience through urban design. The first part kicks off with conversations (one in September and three in October) that will give you a voice in this critical national dialogue. You will engage with notable urbanists to explore equitable access to the benefits of a complete community. These conversations build the foundation for the second part, the STEP UP Forum, where we will explore how the bold ideas raised in these conversations can be turned into bold steps towards a resilient city. Our goal is to collectivity create a valuable tool for cities across the country, including those like Vancouver that are advancing city-wide plans. 

To achieve this new model for city-building discourse and action, CanU has collaborated with three recognized city-building advocates from the Vancouver region: University of British Columbia, MODUS and Urbanarium. 

STEP UP Conversations 

Four Conversations (in September & October) will explore how we can more deliberately and creatively support social resilience in Canadian city-building, especially focused on equity and inclusion. Join guest urbanists as they offer personal perspectives and insights on the ‘big ideas’ they believe will provide better access for all to the services, amenities and benefits of urban living. Post event, participate in a chat with other attendees and access 3min podcasts capturing the highlights from Canadian journalists. 

Save the Dates:
12:00pm - 1:30pm EDT

Sept 30 – Access to Nature

Oct 7 –  Access to Housing 

Oct 14 – Access to Mobility

Oct 21 – Access to Daily Needs

Do you have thoughts to share on this topic? Join the conversation! 

STEP UP Forum 
(Begins at 12pm PT, 3pm ET)

October 26  C2C2C meet your roundtable colleagues and discuss examples of resilience in action from across the country that could serve as models elsewhere

October 27 City Circle explore ideas for a resilient future for all Canadian cities and citizens, using the Vancouver’s city plan to frame the discussion 

October 29 Roundtable in group & ‘big tent’ dialogue, collaborate with colleagues from across Canada on detailing the required bold steps.

(NB: The Oct 28 hiatus will give organizers a chance to ensure ideas from the conversations and forum help frame the roundtable dialogue. There will be opportunities throughout the online conference for private breakout sessions.) 


Series Collaborators:

University of British Columbia

School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture – recognized for Master programs focusing on design of urban environments 


Local planning/urban design/engagement firm – working on city plan engagement ​

Urbanarium. Local city-building advocacy group– hosting engaging, urbanism events throughout the year 

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