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We Are CanU

We make it easy for people to learn about Canadian Urbanism.

The concept of “Canadian Urbanism” came to be from a few key observations
  • Canada is increasingly an urban country.

  • There is a distinct Canadian Urbanism, a shared approach and perspective to cities and city-building that has evolved over time within our Canadian constitutional, political, social and cultural history.

  • Canadian cities and city-regions share challenges and opportunities unique to our Country. At the same time, Canadian Urbanism shares characteristics and challenges in common with progressive urbanist movements in other countries and global regions.

  • Canada’s cities and city-regions face significant challenges and urgently require a more progressive, creative form of urbanism, to become more sustainable, livable, healthy, and resilient.

CanU believes in a few principles for a sustainable and authentic Canadian Urbanism

The 4 pillars of sustainability: ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability

A new Canadian urban model: based on mixed-use, higher-density, complete, walkable neighbourhoods, supporting sustainable movement choices, with corresponding approaches and standards replacing the separated, low-density, car-oriented model of the past.

  • Regionalism, diversity and authentic sense of place

  • Place Making, with an emphasis on high quality physical city-shaping, urban.

  • Flexibility, resilience and designing for change

  • Integration: professional integration and silo-breaking

  • City leadership and community collaboration

CanU has established a few objectives for its work
  • To Advocate for Canadian Urbanism and its core principles

  • To Educate city-building professionals, political representatives, the public at large about the importance of CanU, of urban design and sustainability 

  • To Communicate and partner with other professionals

  • To Lead the movement towards a more sustainable future

The Council for Canadian Urbanism is an incorporated not-for profit organization lead by a Board of Directors and has a Draft Charter launched at the CANU1 Symposium in Toronto in 2009.

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