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Changing the Conversation – and along with that, the neighborhood character


Jana Kelemen

Our cities are struggling with housing affordability.
Many political platforms are built around this issue; yet, no significant changes have been made to reconnect the existing housing-related policies with much-needed intensification [...]

Climate Emergency!
What is Urbanism’s Important Role?


John Fleming

I’m horrified!  And I am heartened. My Council recently became one of 450 cities across the world to declare a climate emergency.  As the Chief Planner for the City of London, Canada, I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on matters of sustainability and resiliency.  It’s been well understood in planning and design circles […]

Design, disruption, and a healthy dose
of competition


Kalen Anderson and Jason Syvixay

From a few minutes to a few hours, hundreds of thousands of tweets disrupted our world’s digital landscape seemingly overnight — as the Notre Dame Cathedral was set ablaze.  Its spire, nearly 150-years-old, was destroyed.  As the fire quickly spread, so did our stories of personal connection to this […]

Idea Camp/
Journée interactive d’apprentissage


Future Cities

Canada Evergreen recently launched the Community Solutions Network – a national program supporting communities of all sizes in the areas of data and technology.  The upcoming Idea Camp in Ottawa will bring together municipal staff, Indigenous leaders and senior staff at organizations from across the region to learn about emerging trends, issues, […]

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