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CanU 2020 - Step up conversation
Access to Daily Needs

Learn how communities can be designed, and re-designed, to help those who live and work there to more easily and equitably get those things they need every day

  Wednesday, October 21st 2020


Aftab Erfan


Robin Mazumder

Ryanne James

Andy Filmore

Clara Stewart

Wildly different perspectives come together in this truly unique conversation - an Urban Neuroscientist living in Edmonton, the new Chief Equity Officer for the City of Vancouver, the Federal Member of Parliament for Halifax, NS, the Manager of Community Development at the Community and Family Centre in Toronto’s Jane/Finch neighbourhood and an Indigenous community engagement and youth outreach specialist living in Vancouver’s False Creek.  What could these urbanists from different walks of life in different parts of Canada have in common?  They are all passionate about understanding how the design of their neighbourhood has played a role in people’s access to daily needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic – things like health care, social connection, food, employment, the feeling of belonging, space to physically separate and much more.  Join this amazing group as they explain their own perspectives and observations and explore the thoughts of their panel colleagues.