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CanU 2020 - Step up conversation
Access to Housing

  Wednesday, October 14th 2020

Designing Outside the Box - How urban planners, architects, and designers can make a difference to the lives of many through the thoughtful pursuit of answers to messy questions.


Mark Guslits

Architect, Urban Designer, Community Development Advisor, Professor U of T Daniels Faculty of Architecture


Serena Purdy

Co-chair of Friends of Kensington Market, a not-for-profit, donation driven, volunteer organization.


Ken Greenberg

Urban Designer,
City Building Advocate
and Author

Patrick Condon
Notable Canadian Urban Designer, Planner, Professor, and the Author
of Several Planning Books 

Elina Eskelä
PhD : Suunnittelija | Planner Helsinki City Executive Office planning
and coordinating housing policy



Meet the panel