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At CanU we are focused on advancing great urban design as the foundation for city building in communities across Canada.  We do this by connecting people and professionals who have similar interests, educating and informing stakeholders and influencers, giving support to those involved in city design and advocating for better policies, programs and investments.

About CanU

The Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) is a network of city planners, urban designers, architects landscape architects, engineers, developers and other urbanists operating across Canada, in urban design leadership positions within city governments and the private or community sectors.

CanU strives to connect urbanists across Canada and has actively promoted the inclusion of all regions with representation in both English and French, in the use of best practices and in sharing experience in the building of great communities.

CanU believes that dialogue and debate is required, but must lead to meaningful action. It is up to all those involved in planning and design of our cities, subscribing and believing in this idea, to respond to this appeal and rally with the group leading towards a better future for our regions, cities, towns and villages.

CanU 2020


Bold Ideas for Resilient City Design 


Join us this year as we present a series of free online conversations on the Resilient City, leading up to our STEP UP Forum

STEP UP Conversations

Sept 30 – Access to Nature

Oct 7 –  Access to Housing 

Oct 14 – Access to Mobility

Oct 21 – Access to Daily Needs

STEP UP Forum 
October 26  C2C2C

October 27 City Circle 

October 29 Roundtable

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